Data Science

Data Science Training Pathway

Follow the pathway below to establish and advance your Data Science expertise.

Data Science Training

Organizations have access to more far data than ever before.  The NTAI Data Science courses empower you to extract key information insights from all types of data and put it to work.  Data Science and Data Analytics are rapidly evolving professions that are two the most in-demand and high-paying technical career paths.

Whether you are new to data science and data analytics or desiring to advance your data career, the NTAI courses will help you to achieve your goals.

Data Science Courses


Python Data Analytics Specialist

  • Python Programming - Introduction
  • Python Programming - Advanced
  • Using Data Science Tools in Python® (v1.0)
You should take “Python Programming - Advanced” before continuing to Job Role training.


Office Desktop Analytics Specialist

  • Excel 2019 - Part 1
  • Excel 2019 - Part 2
  • Excel 2019 - Part 3 (or Data Analysis and Visualization with Microsoft Excel)
  • Analyzing Data with Power BI
  • Tableau® Desktop - Part 1
  • Tableau® Desktop - Part 2
Take either "Excel 2019 – Part 3" or "Data Analysis and Visualization with Microsoft Excel".


Database Management and Reporting

  • Database Design - A Modern Approach
  • SQL Querying Fundamentals - Part 1
  • SQL Querying Fundamentals - Part 2
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